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Policy on Used Clothes

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Hello all, over the past year or so I lost a lot of the weight I packed on during school. I went from an XL sport shirt 46L suit to a M sport shirt and 42L suit, therefore it is nearly impossible for me to tailor the clothes to those sizes. I have a legitimate "barely used" colelction of high end clothing in 46L and XL sportswear. While I realize that I will loose a lot of money I am also much happier having lost the weight. I personally have an aversion to used non-vintage clothing however someone in my former size stands to reap a major benefit as I indeed to move the collection as a lot. My question is what do other forum members think about used clothing and is there an option other than ebay for such a sale. Please keep in mind that in addition to the final price I will consider the merits of the purchaser i.e. I would look quite favorably on someone who is not in the financial position to aquire such items and could use a good interview suit etc. I will post a more detailed description in the sales forum, I wanted to make this topic appropriate for the fashion forum. Thank you.

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