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This is something I posted elsewhere...
I stick to my understanding: plain fronts are uncomfortable.

Since I love using vests because they cover up all the shirt wrinkles, the suspenders and let the tie be whatever length...

^^ No pleat pants, plain fronts, look ok. But when I wear them they really are uncomfortable.
Plain fronts tend to allow little in the pockets, and if a person has an abdomen it constricts.
Until I am super thin they just don't wear well.
Women love them, because the line is clean.

But, I use double pleats most often....

^^ I like the 30's look! A clean vest with the lines coming out into full pants has a kind of fluting that contrasts.
Seems most people think it is a fashion flaw, but as a style it's what it is.
Pleats give pocket room and abdomen room, but make you look a little fuller bodied.
Some men need space down there. -_-;

When I wear flat fronts it tends to look like this unless the waist is a size larger....

^^ You get tightness in ass and crotch!
It creates pleats of a different kind.
Looks like I am advertising my goods.
Yow. Zuh.

But, without a vest I find pleats complicate the lines of the outfit...

Well, without suspenders I should say.
The fuss of the shirt piled into belted pants, and the belt loops and constricting belt make a lot of visual fuss around the waist.

With suspenders I tend to get clean lines...

Shirts go cleanly into pants, the hang of the pants is nice, lack of belt and loops helps clean up the waist.
I am seriously falling in love with suspenders now.
You never see them, unless the vest and coat comes off, but they really make pants enjoyable.
The quick drawings are sloppy, but you get the essence of the idea. :teacha:

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I started wearing braces last year and, like you, find them more comfortable than a belt. Too bad they don't look good without a jacket or I would wear them all the time. I guess that is a look for lumberjacks and not many others.
Thanks for the Thurston advice. I love their braces, and find the colors and material the best so far.

Braces without a jacket do look a little odd, but it depends on the coordination with the suit. If they look good with the rest of the suit you can go sans jacket at times of need and not be embarrassed to look like a lumberjack.

I used to work with one of those throw-back type guys, retro-clothes wearing hipster, and he would work without jackets and show off his braces. Looked fine, when away from desk he donned jacket. It was highly swank in the halls of cotton tees and jeans.
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