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Esquire: "A Compendium of Pants." April 1962

Pleats Trouser fronts are either plain-fronted or single- or double-pleated; the double-pleat is, for the most part, limited to tradition preserving custom tailors. While the single-pleat is still, by far, the most popular, the trimmer look of pleatless trousers is continually gaining favor and is de rigueur for the younger man and the natural shoulder enthusiast. Sport slacks, especially are going the way of no pleats (though the less-confining pleated models are preferred by many active sportsmen: e.g. golfers). While pleats - contrary to popular conceptions- will not hide a pot, they will give a heavier-set man more room through the front. The choice, therefore, depends on comfort and the look a man wishes to achieve.
1 - 1 of 54 Posts
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