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I missed the opportunity to make a present for myself for Christmas and new year, soon I will have another celebration with my b-day.
For that reason I represent to you my b-day gift ideas for myself.
Option 1 : Caruso, made of wool and brand new,half lined.
option 2 : used Brioni,pure wool and fully lined.
Which one do you like,and why?

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If, indeed, the jackets are not Blazers or Sport Jackets then the last thing you want to do is wear a orphaned suit jacket! People who matter will be able to tell and it will hurt your image!

Here's some helpful excerpts from my book, The Encyclopedia of Men's Clothes:

True to its English country origins the sport jacket has traditionally been of heavier wool fabric with casual pockets (patch, hacking), leather buttons, patches on the elbows and with other details making it distinctive from a suit jacket.

Lighter materials for sport jackets (seersucker, cotton poplin, madras and linen) were adopted in other parts of the world. And leather, smooth and suede are great casual sport jackets for fall and winter.

Blazers are Sport Jackets but a distinctive sport jacket with a history! See the Blazer Chapter.

True Blazers have gold or brass buttons, only!! Thus suggesting their Naval ancestry.
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