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Pin Collar Shirts

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Anyone have a recommendation as to where to find good quality pin collar shirts these days? All help much appreciated.

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Was rereading this thread, and found a little more information per Google:

Google has the address and phone number of Skip's business as:

436 Ferry St #2, Newark, NJ 07105

I've noticed it's not uncommon for Google to have out dated information, so with the pandemic, and the toll it has taken on small businesses I never take for granted that a listed business has survived until I verify it.

The search also yielded a retailer which has a rather nice website, don't know if they're internet only, or have a physical location as well. And if so, where.

Another shirt maker is CEGO. The owner, Carl, used to participate in this forum. He both makes his own shirts, and also uses other makers. At one time, SGA among them. I know that at one time SGA also did private label for both Polo and Saks Firth Avenue.

Carl is located in Manhattan.

Another quality maker is individualized shirts. While my memory may be faulty, I think I may recall esteemed AAAC member Matt S preferring them.

I've used Individualized Shirt Company for years. They have a huge selection of fabrics and make a decent product.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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