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Pics of my Custom Suit from Paul Chang in Chicago

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Hey all,

I commissioned a custom suit with Paul Chang some 6 months ago. And, until now, I've neglected to put up photos. As people occasionally ask about Chang's, I thought I'd put of pics of my suit.

It is a 2 button, side vent suit made from Dormeuil's Amadeus line of fabrics. The suit cost $1,900.

A few notes about my body type. I am simply unable to fit into any suit off the rack because of my arm size. I'm 6'4" with a 48" chest, 37" waist, and 19" arms. So, naturally, I've had to always use MTM or custom.

Here are the pics. You need to click on the pic in imageshack to get it to blow up and get a better view.

I think Paul did a good job of accomodating my difficult body type. The suit isn't perfect, but I think the fit is pretty good (and it is a better fit than my two MTM suits from Brooks Brothers).

Just a note: my arms don't lay by my sides. They bow out like that because of my working out. As such, the fabric bunches because my arms always stay bent.

Thoughts: I think it is pretty good from the front. I like the soft shoulders. The only thing I notice is that the sleeves are a bit long. (I have a difficult time getting shirts with long enough sleeves. But, I've recently gone to MTM shirts, so that should change.)

Thoughts: Hmm, the suit does wrinkle a fair bit right at my lower back. It didn't do this a few months back -- at least not to this degree. I suspect my butt got larger or my back changed. I have found that my proportions do change because of varied workouts (cycling different workouts every few months).

Here is a shot of the lining

Finally, a little special touch.

Overall, I'm happy with the suit. It needs a few tweaks, but I think it is good, especially for my difficult body type.
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cant tell exactly from the picture but i think you have a right low shoulder.
a person having a low shoulder usually also has a pelvis tipped up on that same side. it shows up as heavier on that same side.
for more info- go to search, ask for cutting a low shoulder, scroll down to that title.
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