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Plant Sky Mountain Ecoregion Dress
Photograph Wedding dress Bride Coat Black
Sky Plant Ecoregion Wedding dress Cloud
Clothing Smile Shoulder Wedding dress Flower
Hey guys and gals! Just coming back to post pictures from the wedding. Momsdoc and others were so helpful. Merry Christmas to all of you and thanks again!

Suit: Beroni wizardofahhs
Shirt: bespoke French cuff from local tailor
Tie: Hobber
Shoes/belt: Allen Edmond

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You may not be aware of this but you seem to have forgotten to shave for the big day.

Not to worry - a competent use of Photoshop could rectify this grievous oversight and spare you your blushes.

Merry Xmas!

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Your pictures are stunning and your bride, even more so and you my friend are truly a blessed man. Here's to wishing you and your lovely wife a very long, happy and healthy relationship!
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