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The coat is a continental cut. That's how they refer to it. I told them to have very lightly padded shoulders (no padding was added till after the basted fitting) and high armholes.

The fit is awesome. The high armholes were an initial concern, considering the small margin for error. The right armhole was opened a quarter inch after i picked it up to make it "perfect". The best way to describe the fit is by saying that it doesn't hang off my shoulders, rather it floats around me. Extremely comfortable; tempting to pass out while wearing it.

As for quality issues, I haven't discovered any. The shirts after more research are less to my liking (the collar is too stiff for my tastes and I feel the talent is in the suit arena). I'm experimenting with other shirt makers at the moment.

I'll be returning to Richard Lim soon to get some London Lounge cloths made into suits.

Alex did you ever get to go back to Mr. Lim with London Lounge cloths?
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