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Enought praise for eBay. Here's what I'm sick and tired of: Clothing sellers who don't provide adequate information about their garments, forcing you to ask questions, and wait for responses - if you're lucky to get them. When are these morons going to get with it?? I can understand the lack of info from a guy cleaning out his attic, but not from the power sellers. Examples:
1. SHIRTS: If it's pre-owned, then "18/36" doesn't cut it anymore. Buyers need an updated measurement of a garment that's been laundered. And fabric content would be nice, too.
2. PANTS: Would it kill sellers to provide a true rise measurement? Inseam is not enough.
3. BLAZERS: I'm amazed at how many sellers won't even tell you the color, when it's not clear enough from the photos. And how about a lapel width?
4. TIES: Length and width, please! Is that really expecting too much? And I love when they respond, "Standard length." Or, "Item is already packed and ready to ship."
How nice it would be if eBay required them to provide this info before an item can be listed!


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