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Penny Loafer sizing questons

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Okay, so I really wanted a pair of penny loafers to have in my closet because I am in college and I think they are perfect to have for when you go to a slightly nicer college event to just throw on with with an ocbd and a sweater. I got some Cole Haan pinch pennies, and the sizing was crazy! I normally wear an 8 but with an 8 the moment I planted my foot the heel would pop off like flip-flops. 7.5 did the same thing. The only thing that worked was a 7 with inserts put in. Is this normal with loafers? I figure you want them pretty snug to accommodate for stretch and breaking in.
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Yep. Pennies (and presumably other loafers) are very hard to fit -- for me, anyway. Wide feet, comparatively narrow heels.
In my limited experience, it's a good idea to buy a snug fitting loafer. It will loosen up with wear and conform to your foot as it breaks in -- just a few days.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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