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Keep in mind, everyone, there are two types of penny loafers:
1. penny loafer mocassins
2. penny loafers goodyear welted

WNH listed a bunch of the first type, and of them my first pick would be the AE Walden. When I originally saw these in a store up here in Canada, accidentally happening on them, I was highly impressed. They were clearly a quality mid-level shoe that were true enough to what I would consider a "classic" penny loafer. However, the store didn't have my size and I never did bother to order a pair. In retrospect that was a mistake, since money I've spent on other shoes since -- including a different pair of AEs and a pair of Sebago Classics -- would have been best spent on those Waldens.

The BB penny loafer is made by Sebago and is virtually identical to the Cayman II. A few years ago one of our members bought a pair of the BB shoes and one of the sock liners still said "Sebago"...oops!
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