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So, there we are, in one of the all-time best spots on the East Coast. I kept thinking I might run into tom22 at Noah's or Skipper's Dock...or maybe down at the point or walking past the lighthouse. We're at Skipper's, chowing down on bowls of lobster bisque, taking in the harbor view, when all of the sudden, I see a gent sporting what I guessed was one of those peach-colored oxfords for which Brooks was famous. I asked him if it was, in fact, a Brooks oxford. He confirmed that it was. An orangey-yellow. Very nice. I wish they still sold 'em. I thought for a moment it might by tom22. Maybe not, though.

You never know what you'll see in Stonington. And by the way, (for those who care) the Mark, Fore, & Strike in Mystic looks great.

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