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Paul Rudolph's "architect trad"

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Yesterday I stopped by the Paul Rudolph exhibit at the Modulighter building (which he designed and where he had his offices). I have been a fan of Rudolph since living in the Hudson Valley, where he designed the amazing Orange County Government Center (now ruined by the philistines who currently govern the county). The whole exhibit was great (especially the space in which it was held), but there were a few items on display of interest to enthusiasts of trad clothing:

Rudolph's Anglo-American glasses (model 180E; these look similar to those Le Corbusier wore):

His tweed sport coat (3-roll-2 sack, patch pockets, but side vents) and knit tie:

It was fun to see the glasses specifically only a few blocks from Clairmont-Nichols where I bought my own AA 406s.
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