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Patrick, what are you wearing now that's you're not at Space Camp?

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I would be interested in hearing an update since obtaining your freedom from the "Camp".
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Today for putzing around purposes I wore a BB sport shirt, LE chinos, and Quoddys. Switched over to jogging clothes for that activity. Now I am trying to figure out if I am going anywhere this evening. Whatever it is, it won't be any dressier, save perhaps addition of light sweater and socks.
McGregor Drizzler jacket, LE tattersall, Bill's M2s that are too big now, J & M beaters from a thrift shop, pensive expression.

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^Yes, Restoration Hardware had them a year or so back for about $20 per. I got a navy and a tan. Couldn't pass it up.
^ "Space Camp" is my two-edged nickname for the substance abuse treatment facility where I got sober and worked, in two separate stints, for seven years.

A rare moment of discretion keeps me from naming it.
sorry if this has been covered at some point.
who takes Patrick's great pictures?
A mysterious person named Ralphus. Check "Bloodsucking Freaks" on IMDB for more info.
Thanks. Glad to know that the 100% cotton ones exist. I've heard of people purchasing some listed as such on ebay only to find that they have significant poly contents.

(Aramark have them for ~$25, but they're 60% poly)
I take it back, these are the poly blend jackets. Still, they are pretty good for banging around in.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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