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Passport cover

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I thought I'd put this one here before, but it disappeared...

I finally got a passport. I want a nice passport cover, but the one that matches my briefcase is $450 and rather blah. I bought and returned one from Cartier that was $225, because I just didn't like the metal trim detail - seemed like it could snag on a pocket, and rummaging for something in a coat pocket in front of a border guard is never a good idea.

I think I've decided on this one:

But I'm not sure about the crest. I prefer the silver to the gold, because it looks more like something from the 1960s, when people wore suits to fly Pan Am and got hot meals that were at least as good as the Horn & Hardart.

My one paranoid thought is that it advertises that I'm an American. I don't intend to travel to any war zones, but is it just foolish for me to be concerned about attracting the attention of people who would be inclined to harrass Americans because of their disagreement with our government's policies?
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Once you get to the customs/emigration officer they want it out of the case anyway and on a cruse you hand them your passport sans case so the only protection it would serve is in your pocket.
+1 Enhanced security requirements like this appear to make a passport cover redundant. There is really no point if one has to take it out of the cover each time one presents it at immigration (so they can swipe it through the reader.). What a pity. I did thing about getting a cover as I will be getting a new passport shortly, but I doubt I will now.

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