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Pants length?

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I got some new chinos in the mail today. I tried a size smaller in the inseam, these are a 30. Whenever I get a 32 I have to get them hemmed.


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Would definitely NOT go with a 32", the 30" is fine. In all honesty, I was thrown by the front-facing picture, and initially thought, "wow, 30" is still too long", but it was an errant interpretation. One, the pants are clearly casual (no center crease), and if there were one they'd still be a good length. No, the part that seems "off" to me is that you're pretty slim (you put your measurements on another post somewhere), and these pants look to be a rather full cut, versus "slim" or "tapered". I'd suggest that a slimmer cut pant would work better on you, lessening the "swimming in the fabric" impression one could take from these pictures, esp given the otherwise slimmer fitting t-shirt you're wearing.
Thanks. I wear Clarke fit. The Milano is too snug in the crotch and thigh area to me. That was a bad shift to be wearing, all of my normal ones are less form fitting.
They're great now, but will be too short after a wash.

I always buy my chinos too long for that reason, and then wash them a couple times. Then I get them hemmed.
That is what I have been doing for quite some time, longer and getting hemmed. So I've never really known how much their chinos shrink after the first wash.
Kind of a long shot, but does anybody have experience or knowledge of the Red fleece chinos? I know they are slimmer than the normal line, just not sure about rise or leg opening .
The chinos in the picture posted, don’t have the more suitable inseam of 32 for my waist size.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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