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I couldn't do a search so I don't recall if this has been covered or not.

The standard make of an Oxxford suit jacket according to Oxxford is 3/4 lined without covered seams. It's a nice touch, but to me it harks back to when suits started getting cheaper and the tailors did away with taping the seams over with liner material (skeleton lining)

Back in the 20's 30's and 40's Brooks Brothers used to stack their suit jackets several layers high on tables. They would have them folded inside out so you could see the maticulous work that went into the construction of the garment, and the skeleton lining that takes extra time and extra detail to create when compared to a fully lined suit that covers up the construction.

For refference, here is a vintage skeleton lining. From the tailors I have spoken with including the guys at Oxxford it is harder to do and costs a bit more. So much harder to do for Oxxford that they didn't want to try it 2 years ago. I know it can be done as I have a tailor in Long beach who only makes his suits with the Skeleton look.
I just wish it would come back into style.

What is your take?

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