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I recently bought some interesting pieces of white oxford cloth.

the first is your basic oxford produced in the orient. this is the same fabric used by most of the custom shirtmakers, brooks brothers, J. Press, even Thom Brown and Band of outsiders.
It makes up well. and launders well.

the second was made in Italy by Albini, under the Thomas Mason heading.
this has a much better feel and is a bit more substanial. The Italian version runs about 4-5 times the price of the Asian oxford. At retail it might end up costing almost $100-200 more.
In my case only about $65 more for instock designs

the most interesting of the new oxford cloths is some fabric that was sitting in a warehouse for quite some time.

I have about 120 yards of Oxford cloth produced in the USA. It is a bit lighter weight then the other two, but the hand is much softer. I would assume that it is a pima cotton. I am not sure which mill it was woven by.
Unfortuately the white is a bit aged and is not bright white. I will try to wash some with some oxyclean and see how it turns out.

I also bought from the same warehouse fabric that is 25-40 years old that was woven in England. there is some real Sea Island Cotton in the batch.
the fabric is great. natural finishing. not finished with chemicals, so there is no slickness found on current high count fabrics. the only drawback is that the fabric is narrow. 36" and even 32" my factory in NJ will not cut this fabric. so a lot of it may end up as boxer shorts.
the tickets on the fabric is all very intersting

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