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I am not a fan , but get the mag for free, of "D-magazine." The magazine has become a place for paid advertisements being hidden under the guise of Best of... physicians, lawyers, dentists, real-estate agents, and, even, personal trainers. When I was somehow elected to one of these silly best of's they asked me for $1500. for a black and white pic or $4000 for a full page pic. I respectfully declined.

At any rate, they list "the best Bespoke man's shoes" in Dallas at a place I have never heard of: at The Man's Shop in Arlington Tx, home of the pitching-less Rangers and future home of THE DALLAS COWBOYS. They claim the store makes shoes for $500. and that the secret to the..." perfect fit, unlike anything you can buy off the shelf" is the Otabo machine. It is something that "uses lasers to measure 200,000 data points on your feet" and then the "images are sent to Otabo headquarters in Fla."

Anyone have experience with this form of shoe. My guess is that the publisher is clueless about shoes, as he is everything else.

"Is the juice worth the squeeze?"
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