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Lets stop and take a step back here. Do you need a mtm suit? What is your sizing like? Are you looking for special fabrics or style details? Most average size men in decent shape can get a good fit in rtw clothing with some alterations.
Have you worn suits often before? Do you plan to wear them often now? Why not go to a few local shops and try on some rtw first. Understand that a 42 regular can fit quite a bit differently between three or four different manufacturers and sometimes even within different lines of the same manufacturer. At the end of the day, there is much to be gained by actually trying something on first. Feel free to take pictures (multiple, from different angles) and post them here for fit advice. We have seen many horror stories on this forum of mail out mtm. Better to spend a little more and get something you know fits right when you pay for it.
Good luck.
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