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I don't mind ventless jackets because I like the vintage look they have to them. They may not be 'in' right now, but it's fine to wear them. If they're uncomfortable for you then go with a different jacket...and send them over here to me :icon_smile_big:

Cary Grant, James Stewart, and countless other stars wore ventless suits and sport coats and look no less the gentlemen for it even today.

Another problem to watch out for - and it is this which is more likely to date the coat - is to avoid studiously any ventless coat made in the mid-80s to early 90s (or one following that trend): the notch of the revers tends to be very low. Not only is this dated, but it compromises the 'authority' of the suit.
You're very right. The low notches of then are pretty awful, but so are the ridiculously HIGH notches of fashion suits now. That too will look dated in about ten years, if not sooner.
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