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One of a kind Trunk show at Leffot

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On Thursday, Friday and, Saturday Sept. 10,11,and,12th Steven at Leffot will be hosting a Trunk show in his store. The show will feature Ephte'e trunks and Edward Green shoes.

Edward Green will be displaying their "Top Drawer" collection and a small selection of Women's shoes.

Ephte'e ( will have on hand a collection of custom made trunks, polishing caskets and, other very interesting items. For those not familiar with Ephtee, they hand-make these beautiful pieces in France out of the finest woods and assorted finishes all trimmed in leathers and brass.

The show kicks off on Thursday Sept. 10th with a reception between 6:00-9:00 pm.

The show will continue on Friday and Saturday during regular business hours.

For more information contact Steven at: [email protected].

Another reason to plan a trip to the Big Apple that week is:

Vogue is hosting "Fashion Night Out" on the 10th. There are many great participants.

How about an AAAC meet up that weekend!

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This sounds great! And if there are free drinks ... :icon_smile_big:

I've got to get a little jet plane so that I can get to all these wonderful events! Maybe if everyone on the Forum would send in $30,000 ...:devil:

Anyone planning to attend?
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