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I am 20, and currently in the military, but I shall soon be going overseas to London to read English at a university. The problem I am facing is acquiring a decent wardrobe that can be transported to and from London.

I have already procured enough clothes that can be worn on a night out with friends, as well as a suit for formal occasions.

However, I have yet to decide on what to get for a "Business casual" look (yes, it is quite terrible how amorphous that term is). Is it alright if I were to pair grey chinos off with the same black belt and dress shoes I use for my formal dress?

Also, I would like to ask what is appropiate for churchwear in England. Where I live only the wardens dress in suits and most adult men dress in polo tees and chinos, but we do live in a tropical climate.

Finally, What would be suitable winterwear to go along with a formal outfit? How does one accessorise with scarves and gloves? I am quite unsure as to how cold London winters really are.

I would appreciate any help in these matters. I am a very picky dresser. Thank you.
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