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Omaha NE May 15

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Yes you read right - Omaha!! We had a good turnout and great time last Event here.

Does that sound OK re the date for you Members in and near Omaha. Any time constraints?

I was thinking about mid after-noon at the Dundee Dell.
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Nice to meet you as well. Looks like you had good weather Saturday other than the incessant wind ;)
Good weather, but a little cool for Californians! Our flight back (Omaha to Denver to LA) was cancelled because the pilot called in sick!!

They gave us new flights going to Dallas with a long layover, and then to LA. It was OK and we made it home just in time for a big earthquake only a few miles from us!! Ah, it was good to be home.

Waiting in the Dallas airport for the second leg of our flight home I observed many people wearing jeans and concluded that they are not becoming on most!!

Good restaurant in Omaha was Spazia (Italian) on 72nd St. and a great restaurant was Dario's in Dundee. Dario's has almost :icon_smile_big: as many Belgium beers as the Dell has Scotches!
Cary Grant actually drove 6 hours in the rain to get there. Only got through a few of the 600+ Scotches! Next time!
Any you'd care to review for us?
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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