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Oliver Wicks MTM [Fit Help]

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Hello all,

I recently purchased a suit from Oliver Wicks, and I'm hoping to get some suggestions from the community on adjustments that need to be made. In general, it feels tight around the shoulders like the shoulders should have been longer. The sleeve length I think also needs to be shortened, but I'm no expert. The lapel pops off the chest instead of following the contour, though I don't know how much (or little) is normal. The pants rise/overall fit I'm not sure about. It feels loose, and I generally like for the seat to be kind of close to the body.

Anyway, any general suggestions would be appreciated!

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Return the suit and avoid online MTM in the future. Not worth trying to fix this mess.
Respectfully, this is the correct answer. I often find myself looking at Indochino and Oliver Wicks and their beautiful fabrics on perfect models. But they never deliver.

While I appreciate the appeal of OW, I strongly recommend you find a Canali or Samuelsohn or Corneliani on Ebay in your size for a similar price. With about $150 in tailoring you will have a superior suit with a better fit.

In my humble opinion, these online MTM companies produce a worse fit than a suit off the rack. Unless you have an unusual build, which you don't, a good tailor can do wonders with an OTR suit.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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