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Now this waistcoat...

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Okay...I have a grey/charcoal grey sort of salt-and pepper day waistcoat in (I think) tweed-its definitely wool. Would this be acceptable for wear with either formal day dress (morning coat) or the single-breasted version of the stroller?
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I had a feeling not; but thought I'd check.

So; as regards morning dress and the SB striller; the only real options are dove grey, tan/camel, eggshell blue (but I'd best be careful with that one) and black for more solemn occasions? I have cashmere striped trousers (as well as some houndstooth trousers) and a charcoal grey DB jacket that I wear as a sort of 'stealth' stroller for work quite often, but I've been after doing a single-breasted one for a while.
Ties basically within the realms of taste?

Trousers: cashmere striped, houndstooth, prince of Wales check...any others?
Shirts white or contrast-white collar/pastel body or subtle stripes?

Are any other pastelly waistcoats (within the realms of taste) okay?
Anybody else on here a fan of the stroller? Or the 'stealth' stroller?
Many thanks for that Flanderian :)
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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