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Nordstrom to Receive Shipment of AE Jackson Shoes @ $70???

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Is there anyone that can confirm the following information?

For whatever it's worth, I was in a local Nordstrom store asking about Allen-Edmonds shoes and the person at the shoe counter mentioned that the Nordstrom stores would be getting in a large shipment of Allen-Edmonds Jackson shoes that would be sold at $70 a pair. I don't know if he had his facts right, but he said the shipment is supposed to go out to the stores around April 3. I can't imagine selling those shoes below what they would be sold for at the Rack.

The color is supposed to be the Tan Grain

Something to consider should it pan out.

I just realized I should have posted this in "Deals and Steals". Please move as needed.
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Anybody that was here about a year ago remembers the Von Maur $81.00 brown Park Avenue sale. In retrospect, it was obviously leading up to the recent discontinuation. So I wouldn't rule it out.
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