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As some of you might know, Nino Corvato does Letterman's suits now. Recently, I started a thread about him and some were curious about his style and fit etc., others tried to describe what it was like. I admit, that though Ive been a customer of his since '98, I had a hard time describing his style and what made his garments special.

Having asserted the disclaimer, I should mention that I dropped by the Maestro's studio last week and spoke to him about topics ranging from his style concept and inspiration to whether he'd ever heard of askandy

When I mentioned to him that his style reminded some of D.Caraceni's suits, he said well he'd never seen the House's work.

So I asked him to describe his vision to me in his own words.

He told me that his style is complete natural shouldered and that the silhouette was British but with Italian smoothness and finishing. He also said that more than anything, he strives for balance in his garments; everything in moderation, nothing in excess.

When I asked him what made his garments unique, two things he mentioned right off the bat were, the waist which is accomplished by cutting in a trimming arc motion rather than an angular nip which produces a softer waist which can still be quite fitted but not have that artificial V look to it.

Also, he pointed out to me that he cuts the chest in a forward but down ward motion (Im probably not explaining this properly) which is much more time consuming and tricky to do but provides a cleaner chest and one that sits more smoothly and falls into the skirt front more naturally.

When I asked him why he didnt get onto askandy's website, he told me that he doesnt get online much. However, he thought the website was a great idea. He asked me to relay questions to and from him and if I could be his voice on here.

Therefore, if anyone has any questions about his style then feel free to post them here or email me and Ill do my best to get an answer. Im a clothes afficiando but hardly an expert in tailoring, so ask any question at all and Ill present it to him (Ill take my voice recorder this time so I get it right)

I think Ill stop by his studio again this friday and see if I cant take some photos to post, he always has things in the works.

I myself am not having anything made at the moment, but there is a suit that needs to be altered on me (I have to pick it up from the cleaners first), so that perhaps that'll provide a live model to see his work on, and, at 48 chest, 40 waist, if he can fit me well then you know were talking about a good fit.

I hope this proposed contribution is met with approval from my fellow Dandies...

Power to the Dandies!!!!
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