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Nike, Did We Ever Really Know Ya?

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As I celebrated Independence Day, yesterday, oddly I found myself ruminating over Nike' s recent decision to pull the Betsy Ross Flagged sneakers from their stores, just because Colin Kaepernick was offended that the Betsy Ross Flag represented a time in our nations history when slavery was accepted. To my mind, that's a pretty ridiculous stretch. The Betsy Ross flag represents a lot of very positive things to a lot of good people. Hell, several of our Founding Fathers owned slaves. I believe the records show that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, etc. owned, or lived in households maintained by and operated through the efforts of slave labor. Should we discard the Constitution? Do we disavow the contributions of any who may have at one point been touched by or benefited from the efforts of slave labor. I think not. That would be woefully shortsighted and decicedly stupid. Don't get me wrong...I am a fire breathing opponent of even the concept of slavery and find it to be one of the most unfortunate and hateful threads that were woven into the fabric of the United States of America. However I realize the extended threat(s) of trying to pull such hateful thread(s) from our cloakes of patriotism to be a fruitless undertaking and one that could lead to the unaveling of the very fabric of our society! Jeez Louise Nike, have you totally lost your good sense?
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Not such a stretch when you realize that was not the reason he was objecting to it, else he would ask the mint to stop printing dollar bills because they have Washington's face on them.

He objected to the Nike shoe because along with the swastika and the confederate flag the 13 star Ross flag is also used as a white supremacy symbol, for that wonderful time 250 years ago when we all were white.

And while I, and you apparently, did not know the Ross flag was used that way, supremacists and black peope did and that's enough for me (he said, as he proudly laced up his Converse Chuck Taylors, now owned by Nike).
Agree completely. Good on Kaep and good on Nike for pulling it.
Not implying that you gentlemen are not entitled to your opinions, but if you look at a few of the "white supremissist's" websites you will find that the most frequently displayed American flag on many is the present day version, not the Betsy Ross version. Applying you're logic, I suppose we should pull today's versions of Old Glory from their staffs and just go on without a national flag. When do you suggest that we stop this nonsense? :icon_scratch:
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No fear. They're not grabbing symbols willy nilly. They must mean something to them, from a time before their time, when they thought all was white and wonderful, or when their numbers had swelled so that they were more than a looney fringe, a looney power. Nazi Germany, the Klan of the South, at this country's inception before any immigration (the Ross flag.)

By the way, did your firm actually operate the way your anecdote stated? Man. But never mind.
Those repulsive hate groups are also displaying the 'Don't Tread on Me' flags, displaying a coiled snake spraled across the stars and bars. Are we going to allow hate groups to define what constitute hot buttons that trigger reactions from the various minority groups. If we get rid of everything the hate groups might embrace, I fear we may not have much left and besides, I really don't like the idea of the hate mongers calling the tunes at my dance!
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It's a metaphor, Peak -- that's all. Unless I'm mistaken Eagle is saying that this is our country (i,e., dance) and we should not allow a fringe group of hateful knuckleheads to decide what our symbols and history mean (i.e., call the tunes).

As far as Then and Now, I'm not taking the bait to go down that unproductive rabbit hole.
My friend, you have hit the nail squarely on the head...and done so with greater eloquence than I could have hoped to muster. Thanks! ;)
^^(In response to post #30)
Very well put, my friend. I do hope you are right and that over time, some good will come of this. However, I must confess I harbor substantial doubt that Colin Kaepernick's motivations in this most recent dust-up are pure, but rather he wants to reclaim the spotlight for his personal edification. I suppose I just might be a bit of a cynic? :icon_scratch:
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