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Newbie foolishness...

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Hi all..

Found your group as I was searching the net for a place to buy a greatcoat with one or two (or three?) shoulder capes.

I simply love the clothing from the late 1800s and early 1900s and wish I could wear more of it without feeling like I am dressing up for Halloween.

I own a grey Bell Topper which I wear without shame (well, not TOO much shame)for the month of December. In that Christmas time of year, most everyone looks delighted when they see me in it.

I also own a Bowler that was handmade for me by ... hmmm... I can't remember! Someplace in the mid-Atlantic USA.

I want to buy another Bell Topper - black this time - and a Boater for the summer.

I really would like to wear this stuff more regularly.

Am I just a buffoon? Does anyone else feel the way I do? Has anyone crossed the line and actually worn this kind of stuff?
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