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I got an email the other day from Tom telling me that my order will be ready to ship on the 31st and I feel like a kid waiting for Santa.

I am so excited by this, because not only are these my first pairs of Vass shoes, but they are my first pair of non EG and JL shoes in 18 years. My Dad bought me my first pair of EGs from Paul Stuart as a present when I got my first job, that I still wear, going on 18 years. In the subsequent years I have loaded up on EGs and some JLs, but mostly EGs.

Breaking out of EGs also got me thinking about breaking out a little bit into the "something different", so I ordered the following from Vass.

1. Old English, U Last in Brown Scotchgrain with a double leather sole tapered to single

2. 3 - eyelet London, U Last in Oxblood Boxcalf with double leather sole tapered to single

3. Budapest Oxford, F Last in a Burgundy and Black Cordovan Spectator with double sole and goyser sewing.

I will try to post pictures to the shoe porn forum when I get them. Just wanted to share as I needed an outlet for my excitement.

Also, big thank you to Tom. What an awesome gentlemen and a great experience overall.
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