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:) Hello everyone,

I have just joined the forum having read with great pleasure about the many enthusiasms each member shares. To give some background, I run my own design business in London and spend just about all my worldly income on the best clothes, shoes and accessories I can find. I started off buying vintage stuff (26 years ago!) as this was all I could afford. However on close inspection, the quality and unique nature of some of this stuff really impressed me and so I became hooked on the quality. For example, I have a few Sulka suits and shirts from when the Bond Street store was closing – I still see Sulka items around town and if they fit I usually get them. As well as Greens, Lobb RTW, C&Js, Lattanzi, Tanino Crisci – I have two pairs of Lobb bespoke shoes bought in vintage stores. I also go into Cleverley from time to time and buy their uncollected bespoke shoes. When I travel abroad, I try to search for something special. On a recent trip to NY I picked up an Oxxford suit for $35! at a thrift store and a vintage Hickey Freeman cashmere coat for $40 – I just can’t get over the quality!!!! Latest purchase (yesterday) a Kilgour suit, buggy lined, on sale at £465 – about 40 per cent off.

I try as much as possible to buy bespoke clothing as my budget will allow. Proper tailored suits and shirts just shout quality, look superior and last much longer.

Looking forward to communicating with you all – I know a lot about details as I’ve been interested in this stuff a long time so if anyone has any questions or is looking for some advice or information just let me know

Regards to you all, Bob
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