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Hello folks:

I'm an avid reader of this forum but have rarely posted. Anyway, I have finally decided to go with a custom made suit. I live in Vancouver and have a tailor who has made some custom slacks for me which i am quite happy with. For my suit, I have purchased a Navy blue with almost-navy mini-stripe. It's a 150s wool and cashmere, made in huddersfield england. Feels mid-weight, probably a 9 oz. I'm now trying to decide what kind of cut, what buttons, and which lining to use. I'm 6ft, generally fit 46 suits and have the pants altered down to 36 or 37 waists. So, here is what I'm thinking about:

1) 2-button, or 3-button? I'm thinking of either a 2-button similar to: or for a 3-button -

2) Lining - I know bemberg is touted as the best, but bemberg only comes in solid colors. Any suggestions for interesting lining fabrics or methods? To contrast or not to contrast?

3) I know it's probably not the hardest wearing fabric, is there anything in particular I should be careful of?

Other things I've decided on are: double-vented back, pick-stitching on lapel, flat front trousers and dark brown/black horn buttons, 4-button surgeon cuffs.

Your opinions would be much appreciated...Thanks in advance!!!
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