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I am heading off to Hong Kong this Sunday 21 Sept. I have decided to have a suit made while I am there and would appreciate some comments on my choice of design and some feedback on where I should have it made.

Background: I am a 50 year old Male 5'10" 75kg, slim build. I am looking or a suit that will not date and will be worn only 6 or so times a year for social occasions, weddings etc (not business)

suit design (please comment or suggest changes)

Charcoal Grey classic design suit:
9-10oz 100% light weight wool Queensland climate

2 button
single vent
notch lapel
lower flap horizontal pockets
or lower horizontal piped pockets (not decided please comment on pockets)

single pleat
1/8" slanting pockets
standard belt loops
no back pocket
no cuffs (unsure?)
please feel free to comment on any of the above information or suggest other considerations I have not included

Also does anyone have any suggestions on the best value for money Tailor in Hong Kong out of the following:

WW Chan
OM Custom Tailors
Grand Tailors

I have researched the web and have mixed comments on most.

any assistance will be greatly appreciated

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For the details it all depends on what style of suit you want.
Here is what I would change:
I find that navy is better than charcoal for social occasions, but both will work.
Double vents is the way to go. It is usually more flattering than a single vent, and is best for more formal occasions. Single vents are more casual and are best for rustic country clothes.
You will probably be happier with flaps on your pockets. You will always have the option to tuck them in. Just make sure your pocket slit has piping in both the top and bottom. Just about all suits come this way, but you should just make sure.
Single pleated trousers are fine. Do you know which way you want them to face? The Italians like reverse pleats and the English like forward pleats. I find that the forward pleats are more flattering and more effective than reverse pleats. You just need a higher rise to wear your trousers at your waist. A proper rise is an important factor to prevent your suit from dating. Many suits these day have lower rise trousers, a style to avoid.
While I'm talking about modern suits, you'll find a lot of two-button suits that place the top button too high. You need to have the button about an inch above your trouser waistband so it's around your waist, not your chest.
For the waistband, I find belt loops to be too ordinary. You should get side adjusters on your trousers without belt loops. They are quite a stylish way to hold up your trousers and has been very popular on bespoke trousers for over 50 years. There are different types of side adjusters, some with buttons and some with metal rings.
No back pockets on your trousers will make them look like women's pants. Get a single rear pocket on the right.
No cuffs on your trousers is probably best since you intend to use the suit for more formal occasions. But if you wanted cuffs, they would be acceptable.

I don't know much about tailors in Hong Kong, so I can't help you on that. You can find reviews of most of those tailors here on this forum, but all will have positive and negative reviews. There is no one tailor in Hong Kong that everyone can agree is the best. You might want to see if any of them travel to your area.

I hope I was able to help you. You don't have to go with anything I said. All of your choices (except no rear pockets) are acceptable, but I'm sure most others here would agree with me on the jacket options.

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You're welcome. Please don't go on my advice alone, as I know what I like best. But I do have reasons to back up every detail I like. I like the classic British style because it is one thing that has been constant for many years. If you want a style that will last, the British style will more than anything else. Take a look at suits from H. Huntsman, Henry Poole, or Dege & Skinner, all on Savile Row. These are all timeless suits that have hardly changed in the last 70 years.
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