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New Orleans Shoe Advice

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You guys were such great help with last years valentines day vacation here. This Year we are going to New Orleans and I need your advice on footwear. Without wearing tennis shoes, what would my best bet be for walking during the day. My Alden barrie last NST's are my most comfortable shoe so I thought Alden chucca's on the barrie last from AOC might suit the need. Advise, suggestions?
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I second the advice on boots.

While not strictly elegant in any sense, a pair of Doc Martens would be the perfect pair of shoes for the occasion. First, they're comfortable. Second, they have rubber soles with a great grip. And, lastly, they are made of thick leather, and can be had in steel toe versions, which will come in handy when your foot gets stomped on by a horse or tourist.

For dinner, I highly recommend Jacques Imo's on Oak Street or Kpaul's in the Quarter.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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