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New Orleans Shoe Advice

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You guys were such great help with last years valentines day vacation here. This Year we are going to New Orleans and I need your advice on footwear. Without wearing tennis shoes, what would my best bet be for walking during the day. My Alden barrie last NST's are my most comfortable shoe so I thought Alden chucca's on the barrie last from AOC might suit the need. Advise, suggestions?
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Local advice

I live in New Orleans, and my office is only a few blocks from your hotel. I am not sure of the exact date of your visit, although you did mention Valentines. It probably will not be too wet in February, but Mardi Gras will be in full swing. Carnival Season begins every year on January 6th, and Valentines is the weekend before the really big Mardi Gras weekend.

The streets in the French Quarter can get really nasty during Carnival season, so you might want to be prepared to wear shoes that can stand up to a serious cleaning, or can be thrown away. The fact that Valentines is on a Saturday means that a lot of the restaurants are going to fill up quickly, so call ahead for reservations if you have some place special you want to go.

If you are looking for a couple of ideas for romantic dinners or visits, send me a PM.
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