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New Mallorcan shoe brand

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TLB - mentioned by Justin F (the shoe snob) in his new blog here:

The company:

I wonder about Mallorca saturation...
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Thank you for bringing these to my attention. They are some very handsome footwear, and appear to be finely made. I suspect they're looking to compete with Carmina, and are priced accordingly. There's some very excellent footwear coming from the Iberian peninsula now.

Where does one purchase C&J bench grade for $320? :icon_scratch:
I believe that the gentleman was saying that for $470, he could get bench-grade C & J - though certainly not from a US based brick-and-mortar source, as even in London, in the Jermyn St. store, most all of the bench-grade offerings were somewhere just north of 400 GBP, which should be more on the order of $600+ from a US source. Possibly one can order C & J via the Internet from a source that will subtract the VAT to come down to that price, but one needs to know exactly how a particular model of shoe will fit to do that confidently.

The price point for the shoes seems to be more in line with competing with Carmina.
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