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Dear Sirs

I would be most interested in a new forum skin - one which is totally greyscale: black, white and grey in appearance.

It would be more subtle on the eye, and have a rather gallant and nostalgic look about it. It would make evening viewing evening more agreeable.

Any chance of this being commissioned as a live project for the honourable webmaster?

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As the mohel said, once it's gone it's not coming back.
I'm reminded of an old East End joke I heard in London many many years ago.

A man walking past a shop in Bethnal Green, stops to look at the clocks in the window, then reads the legend "Mohel" on the sign and not knowing what Mohel means he goes in to enquire. And asks the "shopkeeper"

Man: What does mohel mean?
SK: It's what I am.
Man: Well what is a mohel?
SK: I circumcise Jewish boys
Man: Well why have you got clocks in the window then?
SK: I have to have something in the window, but do I need to explain more?
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