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New Abboud Tuxedo-Seams on Pants don't match?

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I just received my new Joseph Abboud tuxedo with grosgrain peak lapels, but when I got it home, I noticed the stripe on the trousers are satin. Also, as it happens, there is a small flaw in the fabric in the seat, so they are sending me another pair. Should I be concerned that they don't match? I'm sure they make pants with grosgrain because I've read the description on several sites,, ect.
As always, thanks for tha advice!
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It's one thing when, as I was, you are stranded with an odd dinner jacket (velvet or Black Watch, say) that has grosgrain lapels, and you only have your trusty satin-striped trousers. It's quite another when you have purchased what purports to be a dinner suit that doesn't match those key features.

See if you can catch the replacement trousers before they are dispatched and demand grosgrain stripes, as was suggested above, or send the whole mess back and start over.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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