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I'm new here but not new to men's clothing. I go to Harvard (I'm 19) and I'll be needing my first tux within the next month (I need to wear one in early August). At Harvard there are many events in which one wears a tux -- especially for those who are members of finals clubs (essentially Harvard's frats). The joke here is that guys at Harvard wear tuxes and blazers only -- never suits. I'll be wearing a tux about once a month to once every two months for the next 2-3 years. Most times I wear it, most of the people around me will not know much about tuxes except what one is -- it's rare that one finds somebody with the knowledge of this board outside of this board. Most times I wear this tux, people around my will be tipsy to drunk and it will always be dark outside.

So here is my quandary:

I want a shawl lapel one-button SB jacket. I hear that a non-vented jacket is the most traditional, but I prefer center vented jackets. I find side vents affected and non-vented jackets too European. Please correct me if I should WANT a ventless tux jacket. Paul Stuart has a center-vent shawl lapel one-button SB tux for $900. It is quite nice but the whole package will hit near $1200 when one factors in shirt, tie, cummerbund, braces, shoes, and pocket square. I can afford that, but I'd rather not dish that out unless I have to -- which leads me to the following story:

I was visiting San Francisco about a week ago and I visited that store Jeremy's that was discussed on this MB a few weeks back. For those who don't know, Jeremy's is a unique store which sells overstocks, mannequin clothes, and odd items from NM, Bergdorffs, Saks, and Barneys for heavily discounted prices. For example, Borrelli dress shirts for $85, Lobb shoes for $220 (they're a rare find in a decent size, though), Kiton and Oxxford RTW suits for $900-1200. All merchandise is flawless and brand new. This is not a store selling slightly damaged/worn goods.

At Jeremy's I found a Zegna tux for $200!!!! It was originally $1000 (per the original NM price tag). The jacket, however, was peak lapel, non-vented. It also had those horrible faux-functional button cuffs where the stitching for a button hole exists but the button hole does not. The lining in the sleeves was stripes and a white ground. The body lining was black.

The jacket of this Zegna tux fit me like a GLOVE. It was stunning. I thought to myself: peak, shawl, doesn't matter when I could save the cost of a pair of handgrade C&Js by going peak -- as long as it's not notch, it's alright. As to the vent, I told myself that nonvented was not so bad.

Then came the problem: the reason -- the ONLY reason -- this tux was in Jeremy's was because it was mismatched with its pants. The pants accompanying this tux are black zegna suit pants, obviously not tux pants. I spoke to the tailor at Jeremy's and she told me that if I leave the tux with them, they would be able to see about a price adjustment for the pants, which I don't want. I just got a call from Jeremy's saying I can buy the jacket and have it shipped to me for $180 out the door. They warned me, however, that it is nearly impossible to match blacks and fabric weaves, and that an endeavor to find tux pants to go with the perfect-fitting jacket may be unachievable.

So here are my questions (sorry for the long post!):

1) Is it really that difficult to match blacks/fabrics?
2) Should I pocket $700 and take the peak, nonvented tux? Or should I go for the shawl for $700 more -- being as the peak's quality is arguably better than the shawl?
3) How offensive to others are those faux functional button holes?
4) Where do they sell tux pants separately? Should I check out Keezer's in Boston? BB sells tux pants. Maybe I'll check there (if I buy the jacket).
5) Basically, WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Much appreciated.
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