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I would expect to pay around $80-$90 for tailoring of both jacket and pants. Do the pants fit well in the back? Is there too much material in the seat? I can't see the bottom of the trousers either. If they need alteration, ask your tailor for a one inch break mid-shin. I would have the sleeves shortened to allow for 1/4" to 1/2" of shirt cuff to show, have the jacket brought in a bit in the torso and waist, and raise the shoulders a bit. If there is a little bit of a "neck roll" in the back of the suit, the tailor can fix this as well. I would consider having the trousers tapered from the hamstring to the knee. Make sure to go to a tailor, and not just someone who does "alterations." In most cases, a tailor will know just what to do for your build to make the suit look perfect. I favor a lower "v" in my suits, and usually go 2-button, but if you like the high 3-button, go with it. The suit looks nice.
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