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My 15 year old Bostonian black wing-tips are starting to crack and need to be replaced. I’m torn between a couple of Aldens. I have a pair of wing tip bluchers in tan that I love (966) but I’m having trouble deciding on a replacement pair of black shoes. My initial thought was just a pair of there bal wing tips in calf, but I’m really liking the Norwegians and also wondering if I should go cap toe. Right now these would be my only black shoes so I wonder if I should go more formal (cap toe)? My tastes are pretty trad and plain toes just seem to boring to me. I wear suits and odd jackets to work but hardly ever keep the coat on in the office (hospital admin). Then there is the whole cordovan thing. I’m starting to wonder if I’m only going to have one pair of black shoes, (at least for right now, - to many brown shoes that I prefer) should I go cordovan, then that makes my choice bal wing tips.


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