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I feel very naive about knowing "qualilty" about blazers. eg - I own a Brooks Brooksease navy 2 button that is approx. 2 yrs old. (If memory serves me, I paid over 400.00 for it) I just "bought into" the idea that a Brooks Bros. blazer was going to be high quality and last. Yesterday, I noticed the right cuff has already worn through to bare threads. (admittedly, a very small area but it is worn.) I only wore it about once a week.

Now the question......... I went to a local discount store and saw a Chaps brand (RL lower end) navy blazer for 99.99. I must not know squat about blazer quality, but I could not tell any difference at all! It fit great and seemed identical in quality to the Brooks.

By the way, my Brooks says "Made in Mexico" on the neck tag... No, it was not bought at a Brooks outlet. (a regular store.)

The Chaps had pockets that looked to be of identical material, the collar was sewn in the same way, etc. etc.

I asked the salesman the other day about the Brooks and why it is so much better, and he said the threads are "woven more tightly and closer" so it would last much much longer. Is this total BS?

I appreciate your feedback.
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