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Well hope this isnt getting boring for you all, but for those of you still awake, I can report that we are definitely getting there....

Chuong dropped this off this afternoon, and it's on its way, he has probably skipped a little further ahead than I would have liked him to. I personally suspect he never wants to see it again, but he's not getting off that easily!

The major issues from the previous fitting have been somewhat addressed, needing some further adjustment to satisfaction from here.

Pants are still a little long, back balance still out of whack. Seems to have sorted out the issue at the front, which was my major concern from the previous fitting.

Anyhow, as Ive said, this one is a learning experience for the next two, and I think he's doing OK.

To the pics...

I think he has basically got the front balance ok, taken care of the drop shoulder issue Darren highlighted in his post on an earlier thread at the front.

However, the right rear shoulder looks to me as though it is bigger than the left - the major remaining issue as I see it.

Im a little concerned that it doesnt appear to be falling straight - see here how (in both front and back) the vertical center of the jacket seems to be twisting itself to the left on the front view, right on the rear view.

Is this because it is overcompensating for the mess at the right rear shoulder, throwing the balance off all round?

What do you guys think of the sleeves? ok or a little too short?

Have Photoshopped the sleeve pic to highlight the pattern matching - so the color is distorted. Compared to a few others in my closet and I think he has done OK, pretty well considering the fact this has been pulled to bits a few times now after.

Sleeve buttons are too far apart here, not much I can do about that other than warn him for next time. Price I pay for being the first person to ever ask him for it I suppose. I can live with it.

Anyhow, I suspect (hope!) this is the second to last post in this series, so thank you all again for your assistance, and look forward to whatever suggestions you can offer at this stage. I take off for Hanoi tomorrow morning and will be up there for the rest of the week, so I wont be able to give this back to him until Saturday at best, so seems like I am about a week, 10 days away from delivery.

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