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Malinda: This thread was almost deleted because it defames a tailor unfairly in the opinion of this moderator and the forum at large. It has been allowed to remain, with edits because the author's suppositions have been refuted and what remains is a good lesson about tailoring and why a basic understanding of suit construction is a pre-requisite to going bespoke

I found this forum while shopping for bespoke suits online. I've long had a fetish for the closely tailored look of a nice suit, and up until now had been a disciple of the Brooks Brothers sack suit, though I loathe the name as it implies that it looks like a cut sack!

Previously while on one of my sartorial binges, I had come across other online tailors, and because none of them had particularly memorable names or websites, when it came down to brass tacks (Purchasing time) I could not recall where I wanted to go.

I found by searching for the term "custom suit" as bespoke is perhaps too antiquated a term to strike anything in the search engines. The website was reasonably technical, and best of all - it had tons and tons of details to select, including thousands of fabrics to choose from.

They have a deal where you can purchase 3 suits for $999 I think, which is almost a $400 savings, which really seems like too big of a savings when it comes down to it, furthermore my total bill with shipping and 2 shirts (Plus the original 3 suits) was $1240 including hand canvassing in one of the suits, and felt lining in the other 2 (Internal lining, not the lining of the suit).

I placed my order for three 3-button suits on February 20th, and recieved one of the three suits this morning, March 27th first thing in the morning (The suit was shipped 2 day air from Bangkok, as it went out the 24th of March).

The ordering process

I selected as many details as I could think of wanting on the pants: Flat front, low waist, button plus hook, finished bottoms (No cuffs), as well as asking for them to be extra baggy (More on that when I discuss the suit itself).

As for the suit jacket, I didn't have a lot of options to choose from other than fit options, of which I chose "Comfortable", I personally think that baggy pants and a nice fitting jacket look great, and I think I was correct in this case.

There is a section for inputting your measurements, and off the top of my head I would guess there are about 25-30 sections, from neck diameter, to inseam, to wrist circumferance.

The suit arrives:

As I stated previously, the suit arrived early this morning and I excitedly tried it on. I was initially dissapointed in the color which is described as "light grey" 110s on the site but which looks more like a sharkskin, though it is a very nice fabric. It feels more like 100s than 110s though, I feel it should or could be more drapey.

The fit is perfect, as you would expect with a custom fit suit, though I never take anything for granted when doing it sight unseen. There is a construction issue with one of the shoulders as indicated in the photo. The left shoulder has an issue where it connects to the left sleeve. It's as if they attached it too high up on the shoulder, perhaps because of a cutting error? You guys be the judge. It's not a killer, and I'm hoping that once the suit is steamed everything will go back to normal.

The pants fit extraordinarily well, though I don't think any american would call these pants baggy, let alone extra baggy. They are very comfortable though, and they fit like a glove, though not tight enough to be worrisome. I have included some pictures of the inside of the pants which feels very high quality to my untrained eyes, fingers, and waist.

The shirt is excellent, though I don't notice that much of a difference from the Brooks Brothers shirts which I normally wear. That may be because I'm such a standard size. The shirt fits great, but it's only $15 less at $40 than the usual Brooks Brothers shirts I get at their outlet, though the double ply construction does feel great. Perhaps as I wash and wear it I might notice a difference.

I'd feel better answering questions than just mindlessly blathering. I have attached a fair amount of pictures of what I think matters contruction wise. I am willing to take as many more are requested (If they are indeed requested) and answer any pricing or fit questions.


The bad shoulder.
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