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My luggage arrived from London a few days after me, and included within it were the two Marinella ties I purchased in Naples.

I almost NEVER wear silk print ties. I have some old Ferragamo ones from an earlier life and a few Polo examples I wear in the summer time, but in general I stick to woven ties (esp. those beautiful Ede & Ravenscroft ones).

So it was more in the nature of souvenier that I bought these ties at Marinella -- the salesman guided me away from the wovens to their more signature prints. First, I must say that I wish the prints weren't SO conservative. I found a few interesting colours, but the profusion of tiny florals on blue or red or yellow backgrounds was quite dispiriting. However, these ties are MAGNIFICENTLY constructed. The silk lies perfectly flat over the wool interliner, without any hint of buckle or gape from it. It makes a substantial knot (the absence of which from most makers drove me to wovens) and has a beautful drape from the neck -- not heavy, but certainly of substance. I never understood how self-tipping could enhance a tie, but I have a better idea now that I see how a well-balanced tie can drape, and how the tip is instrumental in that balance.

In all, A+ for construction -- I just wish they weren't so conservative in their designs!

On principle I do not own any Hermes ties, but since my tie principles may be in need of rethinking, could someone advise how they compare to Marinella?
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