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I'm 21, never worn a suit in my entire life. I do own a few suit jackets which I wear casually and occasionally. As I'm heading into the professional world (and inevitably, the world of interviews) I think it's about time that I get a nice suit.

I'm interning in Germany right now so I thought I might as well go try to buy something here (I'm from Canada). I went to a fairly upscale place hoping to buy something there. I know almost nothing about suits so the salesman gave me a few to try on. The suits were all around 1000 euros (~$1600), about the price I wanted to spend. Size 46 is about as close as I can wear, but it's still big. The suits I tried on were very nice but they didn't feel right. At first I thought maybe it's the colour or style but I eventually realized that it's likely the fit. I then enquired about getting a made-to-measure suit at this place. I know that MTM suits are constructed based on your measurements so they fit better. I asked how long it would take to get one. The salesman told me it would be done in 30 min, I at first think that he misunderstood me, so I ask again, to which he confirms with a certain proud smirk that they can make a whole suit in 30 min. I'm not a suit expert but anyone with an IQ higher than a carrot would know that this man was trying to sell me an off-the-rack suit as made-to-measure so I very quickly got out of there.

So I wanna learn more about MTM suits before I head back out looking for one again. I have a few questions.

1) I know of no independent tailors (reputable ones of course) in my city who can make bespoke or MTM suits. The other option is to go to Boss/Armani/Zegna and other similar boutiques and commission one there. Are there any downsides to going to one of those stores? I've always liked Zegnas, and they do have a MTM program. I've gotten the impression from a few people that MTM suits from those stores are essentially off-the-rack but made on demand. Only slight alterations are added to their large-scale, assembly-line like manufacturing process.

2) I always see lots of suits at boutiques like Zegna, these suits look unfinished, often with a white thread sewn into the shoulders. What are these suits? Off the rack?

3) what should I look for in a suit in terms of fit? ie. how do I know if a suit fits well? Can anyone describe it?

4) Anyone know anywhere in the Edmonton/Calgary area to get MTM suits? Or Germany in Münster?

More tips of ANY KIND would be greatly appreciated also!!!

I'm only asking you this because you said you are in Germany and they told you that you were a size 46. Is that European 46 or North American 46? If you were a Euro 46, I would go for the OTR Armani or Zegna. These suits are cut slim and for a 21 y/o you will look very stylish.
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