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My Hat is off to Military Medicine,...

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My Father is an 86 year old retired U.S. Navy Officer, an Aviator. My Father Winters in Las Vegas and Summers in a tiny farm community in southern Colorado where we all are from.

Because of Covid my Father did not spend this or last Summer in Colorado electing to stay in Las Vegas.

My brother and I are taking turns staying with him as he has been alone since my mother passed about three years ago.
This past Wednesday my brother had to take my Father to Nellis Air Force Base's 99th Medical Group which is a hospital and clinic complex. My Father came up positive for covid as did my brother.

My wife is a recently retired trauma R.N. who spent her entire career at a level I Trauma Center and I am semi-retired after 20 years at the same institution. Bottom line is that we both feel qualified to assess the quality of care at the 99th Medical Group on Nellis AFB.

During my father's stay both my brother and I received daily calls with professional briefings from Physicians involved with his care. These briefings were not rushed and the physicians involved were sure to confirm that all of our questions were addressed before the calls ended.

We literally had 24 hour access to the nurse's station first in the I.C.U., and later when he was sent to a standard care ward. Down to the most excruciating details the 99th Medical Group is a remarkable hospital which is properly staffed. The standard of care reflects an attention to detail that, in hospitals, is from a bygone era.

My wife and I have been in the 99th Medical Group many times over the past two years while taking my Father in for care. As a U.S. Military Retiree, my father receives more timely high quality medical care than either my wife or I do and we spend 1720.- per month just to be a member of what is thought to be a fairly high end insurance plan.

I am so grateful to the Dept. of Defense and our government for honoring their commitment and following through on their end of the retirement bargain with my Father.

I cannot put a price on the piece of mind that I have knowing that my Father is so well cared for.

My Father was discharged today and he is at home resting with my brother.
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