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My first WW Chan bespoke shirt/pants, what should I change?

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I recently ordered two pairs of pants and four shirts from WW Chan, after being measured by Patrick Chu on his San Francisco visit. Yesterday, I received the first sample shirt and pair of pants.

I've washed the shirt once (on delicate, warm) and tumbled dry on delicate setting for 20 minutes. I've also ironed it. Here's how it looks now after a morning commute to work. These pics were taken with an iPhone, so apologies for the low-res:

Here are some pics of just the pants:

To my eye, there is too much fabric around the chest, and perhaps the sleeves are bit too long. The pants might also be a tad slimmer from the thigh down.

What do you guys think? What adjustments should I ask for the next batch of the order?
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Overall, not bad.
I agree with the others that said there is too much excess fabric in the chest and stomach. I also prefer my shirts a bit more tapered at the waist, but your shirts aren't horrible at waist.
The pants aren't too bad. I would have probably have gotten a slightly higher rise and a bit more slimmer leg.
It's actually a French cuff. By higher rise, do you mean the distance from the belt-line to the crotch should be shorter or longer?
he means longer.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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