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My First Suit / Interview Help!

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Hi Everyone!

I have a really important interview coming up at a bank, so i bought myself my first suit! I picked up a navy blue Canali with white pinstripres (it was on sale for 700), a very banking looking suit, but now i have to figure out what to wear with it. I also bought a white Canali dress shirt and orange tie (since i have a bit of an orangey skin tone) which i was planning on wearing too. However, im not sure what type of shoes to wear with it. I have burgundy color loafers which are darker than my suit, so should i go with that? I also really like those pointy italian shoes, but maybe that would be a bit too flashy?

Thanks in advance!
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Thanks for the advice!
I wanted to try something with a little sassy because every other applicant usually wears a charcoal or black suit with a black tie, so I figured by adding a touch of colour, I could stand out from the crowd. Picture that old Apple commercial lol.. oh well, i guess that burgundy tie idea will probably work best..
Thanks again!
Yea, I was under the impression that loafers can be quite formal as well. My father always wears a pair of black loaders to all the important events he goes to. And the guy from the bank who came to the recruiting event was wearing solid navy suit with a black pair of Louis Vuitton loafers with the big LV on the tongues lol!! but maybe i'll save the loafers for another time, just in case :icon_smile:
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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